RYA First Aid

RYA First Aid

Course Details

Duration: 1 Days

Day Timings: 0930 – 1730 approx.

Residential? No. Accommodation often available on one of our Charter Yachts at small cost

Minimum Age – 12 years

Prior Experience –None.

Course Qualifications – RYA Small Craft First Aid, (Equivalent to HSE Appointed Persons)

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£99 per person

About The Course

RYA First Aid Course is a comprehensive day covering the basics of First Aid Afloat. The course is a pre requisite for Yachtmaster/Coastal Exams, and you also require it to become an Instructor. We also highly recommend it for the cruising sailor and crew, as knowing how to respond to an incident at sea could save lives.

During this informative day you will cover:

  • Cardiopulmonary  resuscitation (CPR)
  • Clinical shock
  • Extremes of temperature
  • Burns
  • Arrest of hemorrhage
  • Immobilisation of fractures
  • Cold shock
  • Secondary Drowning
  • Hydrodynamic shock
  • Treatment of illness in a marine environment
  • Recovery position

During the course you will work from the RYA First Aid Handbook, and we provide bandages and the like, and resuscitation dolls for practicing CPR.

The course is broadly equivalent to the HSE Appointed Persons course, and is HSE Approved. The main differences are that the RYA course includes several extra areas, is geared towards marine users, and contains slightly more information.