ICC Motor Course

Course Details

Duration: Varies with experience. For experienced skippers we can arrange for just the exam

Day Timings: 18:00 on the evening before, until approx 16:30 on the last day.

Residential? No. Accommodation may be possible on one of our charter yachts at nominal cost.

Minimum Age – 16 (Under 18 accompanied only)

Prior Experience – None. Must be British Citizen.

Course Qualifications – International Certificate of Competence (RYA Fee Applies)
CEVNI Inland Test (Extra Fee Applies)


£ approx 250 for a weekend but tbc

About The Course

ICC Training and Testing is often used for chartering in the Mediterranean.  Many countries now insist on the ICC as a formal qualification for at least one person on board. We offer a tailored package to get you up to the standard required for the ICC, and then carry out the practical assessment for you.

The length of time this will take varies depending on your current skills and experience; sometimes we can do a day or 2 on your own boat, sometimes we recommend joining one of our 5 day practical courses. Rather than simply selling you the most expensive option available, we recommend you let us know your current skill level, and we can produce a plan to suit you.

Some companies also specify the ICC as a minimum qualification for hiring boats abroad – often you are allowed a more powerful/larger craft if you have an ICC.

We can also offer the CEVNI endorsement to the ICC, which is essential if you wish to travel the inland waterways. We can include training for this during our course, and the actual CEVNI exam itself is a short written paper.

If you don’t wish to take any form of training course and just wish to come in for either the practical exam or the CEVNI, we can do this also. We are often able to carry out CEVNI tests midweek at very short notice.


Warm Layers, Boots/Old Trainers. Sun cream, Sun Hat, Warm Hat. Sleeping Bag.

Lifejackets, Wet Weather Gear, Food, Drinks, Pillows.

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